Preview: Practice Purchased Podcast Season 3 Drops in ONE WEEK

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Season 3 of the Practice Purchased podcast, coming up on April 27th. I’m joined this season by dental lawyer Ashley Garbe Smith with As I’ve said many times before, having a dental-specific lawyer for your transition is vital, and when you listen to my conversations with Ashley, you’ll […]

Yes, It’s Okay if the Practice You Buy Is Close to 5 Others (or 10) — Here’s Why

Location, location, location. Yes, it’s important. I’ve talked around this a bit already, but let’s tackle a common, and specific, question: What if the practice I’m looking at is geographically close to 3 other dental practices? Or 5 other practices? Or…if you’re in Draper, Utah like me … 22 other practices in a two-mile radius?? . Your practice […]

Why Sellers Sometimes WILDLY Overvalue Their Practice – And What To Do

Let’s run through a hypothetical. You’ve found the perfect practice. It has a great staff, good location, healthy client base, the works. It’s even right in your price range … or at least it should be. Unfortunately, this seller has wildly overvalued their practice, and nothing you say seems to be getting through to them. […]