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What Successful Practice Owners Know About Hiring – Default to “No”

When you buy a dental practice, a huge amount of the goodwill you’re purchasing is the staff. A dental practice’s staff are the engine of its success.  Yet, no matter how nice of a boss you are, you’re guaranteed to see some turnover in your first year or two of ownership.  When that first staff […]

Practice Ownership: The Sword to Slay Student Loans

It was fun to see an article that I co-wrote be featured in the Dental Economics magazine this month. Hat tip to my buddy Tripp Yates for allowing me to contribute. Link to the article: Many believe that the rising cost of student loans is single-handedly responsible for the rise in the number of […]

Dental Practice Prices 2019 – How Much is My Dental Practice Worth?

When buying or selling a dental practice, a key question to accurately answer is: How much is my dental practice worth? Buyers are especially interested in a fair answer to this question as the dental transitions industry has traditionally been heavily skewed to help (and thus favor) the seller. Most buyers are fine to pay […]

Ask This About “Own Occupation” Disability Insurance When Buying a Dental Practice

Dental practice buyers are at a disadvantage when buying their disability insurance for one key reason: timing.  Here’s why.  Among the mind-blowing complexity of making the largest purchase a dentist will probably ever make in their life comes this seemingly-minor decision of which disability insurance policy to buy. Only it’s not a minor decision.  Getting […]

Why One-Time Actions Turn Dental Practice Owners into Successes

The best dental practice owners harness the power of habits to make their success nearly inevitable. Some of the best habits are one-time actions that only require effort once and then become an automated success system yielding results over and over. Preventing embezzlement is a perfect example. Embezzlement is a consistent pain point for dental […]