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DON’T Worry About This When Buying a Dental Practice

The dentist I was talking to argued that starting a practice makes more sense because (I’m paraphrasing here), “Tons of patients loyal to the seller will leave anyway, and I’ll have to build a patient base again. I might as well start from scratch.”

There’s wrong, and then there’s completely, totally wrong. This dentist was the latter.

I know many dentists share this fear, even if they’re not as adamant about it as the doctor in this story. And it’s not a crazy fear! But it is wrong.

Your BIG Advantage Over DSOs

DSOs seem to be on the rise these days. These investor-owned, multi-practice corporations have deep pockets and lots of bargaining chips when it comes to buying up private practices.

So what do you, the small, private buyer, have to offer a seller? Why would they choose you? Let’s take on a few truths and misconceptions about DSO offers, and why you’re still extremely competitive as a private buyer.

Preview: Practice Purchased Podcast Season 3 Drops in ONE WEEK

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Season 3 of the Practice Purchased podcast, coming up on April 27th. I’m joined this season by dental lawyer Ashley Garbe Smith with As I’ve said many times before, having a dental-specific lawyer for your transition is vital, and when you listen to my conversations with Ashley, you’ll […]