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Should You Use a National or Local Bank in a Dental Transition?

Without question, the dentists getting the best dental practice loans go with a large, national bank. The big national lenders have dedicated salespeople who know your geography, they have internal teams of folks ready to get you approvals quickly, and their underwriting teams are specifically dedicated to understanding the economics of dental practices. I highly […]

How Bank Pre-Approvals Work When Buying a Dental Practice

Listen. You’re going to buy an awesome practice when the time comes, right?  The problem is if the practice is awesome…you’re probably not the only interested buyer. Awesome practices are typically being looked at by more buyers than just little old you.  You’ll have some competition.  You need to stand out. And one way to […]

This is How Many Banks You Should Shop for When Getting Your Dental Practice Loan

Some dental practice buyers may get a big head reading the stats that only 0.47% of dental loans go bad. They feel confident their loan is among the safest small business loans on the planet (true!). Maybe these same dentists have run the numbers and get cocky. They see the practice they’re buying will put […]

5 Things You Need to Have to Be Ready to Own a Dental Practice

  I recently spoke to a group of about 50 residents at one of the top dental schools in the country. At one point, I asked them who was ready to own a dental practice within a year of finishing residency. About 10% of the hands went up. I was surprised. So I asked the […]