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Does Delta Premier acceptance make a practice worth LESS? | Negotiating a Dental Practice Purchase

One of the most common concerns I hear about a practice for sale is that the selling doctor is contracted with Delta Premier.

Why is that a concern?

If you are not already aware, Delta Premier is essentially a great reimbursement plan to be a part of. Unfortunately, they no longer contract with new doctors. It’s essentially a “grandfathered” plan that many sellers have been benefiting from for years that is most likely unavailable to you.

So what can you do about that?

One Stupid Reason Some Sellers Don’t Sell the A/R

I was talking to a broker recently and learned something so mind-blowingly stupid that I was literally speechless. You should know about it, too, in case it comes up in a transition you’re involved in. In almost every dental transition the decision of whether or not to purchase the accounts receivable (or “A/R” – the […]

How Due Diligence Works in Dental Transitions

Buying a dental practice is almost certainly one of the two largest purchases you’ll ever make in your life.  The other big purchase is likely to be your house.  When you buy a house, there’s a whole defined process to make sure what you’re buying is what a seller tells you it is.  Title companies. […]

Be a Due Diligence Ninja and Pay Attention to These 4 Things When Buying a Dental Practice

Getting due diligence right is an important step in buying a dental practice. A lot of buyers get really nervous with due diligence as the full weight of what they’re doing really starts to sink in.  “Wait…so I’m going to pay a million dollars for…what’s this?…wallpaper from 1970?” I’ve talked elsewhere about the best time […]