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My Most and Least Prepared Clients Ever

The difference between being prepared or not is the difference in how much stress you’ll go through in your transition process. (I often talk about networking with “gray-haired dentists”; don’t become one of them before your time.)

Let me tell you about two clients. Both true stories, one bad, one good.

Labs and Supply Costs – the Magic Number | Evaluating a Dental Practice to Buy

When you’re looking at offices that you’ll potentially buy, let the supply costs be your canary in the coal mine. How they manage their supplies and labs may be an indication as to how well, or poorly, the office is managed in general.

What is the most important quality to look at when buying a dental practice? | Finding a Dental Practice to Buy

The most important quality to look at when buying a practice is one with strong office collections. 

As a general rule of thumb, I strongly encourage you to ignore any practice that is not collecting at least $750,000, preferably $800,000+.

Why is that? Read on to find out. (More detail in the video after the jump.)