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One Stupid Reason Some Sellers Don’t Sell the A/R

I was talking to a broker recently and learned something so mind-blowingly stupid that I was literally speechless. You should know about it, too, in case it comes up in a transition you’re involved in. In almost every dental transition the decision of whether or not to purchase the accounts receivable (or “A/R” – the […]

How Due Diligence Works in Dental Transitions

Buying a dental practice is almost certainly one of the two largest purchases you’ll ever make in your life.  The other big purchase is likely to be your house.  When you buy a house, there’s a whole defined process to make sure what you’re buying is what a seller tells you it is.  Title companies. […]

Be a Due Diligence Ninja and Pay Attention to These 4 Things When Buying a Dental Practice

Getting due diligence right is an important step in buying a dental practice. A lot of buyers get really nervous with due diligence as the full weight of what they’re doing really starts to sink in.  “Wait…so I’m going to pay a million dollars for…what’s this?…wallpaper from 1970?” I’ve talked elsewhere about the best time […]