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Very Helpful

“I had my heart set on two practices that Brian helped talk me out of buying. I bought the third we looked at seriously and am glad I waited. “

A Trusted Guide

“I finally felt like someone had MY best interests at heart with this huge life decision. Thanks Brian & team!”

Awesome to Work With

“Brian helped me negotiate a sales price of $75,000 less than the asking price. He also noticed a mistake on the accounts receivable purchase that saved me another $6,300.”

Ahead of the Game

“Because of DBA on my team, we were at least one step ahead the entire way. I always knew what was next and how to succeed.”

Knowledge is Power

“Brian and his team saved me $175,000 off the asking price, by asking one simple question.”

Highly Recommended

“DBA saved me $36,754 on just the loan negotiations with banks alone. Definitely recommended to work with this team.”

In Your Corner

“DBA coached me through due diligence and we uncovered massive insurance fraud BEFORE the purchase. Saved my butt on a $1.5M decision.”

Welcome to Dental Buyer Advocates

I’m Brian Hanks. My team and I only help dentists, we only work with buyers, and we work nationwide. We specialize in helping dentists like you with one of the most important career decisions you’ll ever make.

Check out this comprehensive dental practice acquisition checklist to learn about the road ahead.

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Find, analyze, negotiate, and purchase for the right price.

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Together we will take a deep dive into the practice you are looking at and objectively assess the opportunity. This is one of the biggest, most important career decisions you will make as a dentist, so it’s important to get this right.

Our Engagement is broken down into 3 phases.



Initial Analysis




Ownership Checklist


"I want you to feel confident as I guide you through one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Former clients tell me the biggest mistake most dentists make when buying a practice is WAITING TOO LONG. Let me help you feel confident in knowing how to buy the right dental practice." - Brian

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Due Diligence

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Before You Buy

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Before You Buy

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Finding a Practice

How to Use BROKERS to Find a Dental Practice to Buy

If you’re looking for a dental practice to buy, follow my 80/20 [...]

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