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How to Use BROKERS to Find a Dental Practice to Buy

If you’re looking for a dental practice to buy, follow my 80/20 rule. It’s pretty simple: When you’re looking for a practice, you should spend 80% of your time networking with other dentists, especially grey-haired ones. That’s where most of my clients find their eventual practices, and it’s usually how you’ll find the best ones (the ones that never even hit the other market.

The other 20% should be spent with brokers, also an excellent resource. You can do that passively, just by checking their websites, or proactively, by connecting with them personally. Connecting with brokers is both easier and trickier than working with other dentists.

Making Networking a Good Word Again

“Networking” evokes images of schmoozy glad-handing at industry functions, passing out and taking business cards with promises of keeping in touch. And for some people, it *is* that!

That style of networking isn’t invalid, but it is tough for a lot of us, especially the introverts out there.

This is a topic I’ve hit recently, but I continue to get enough questions about it that I wanted to revisit it one more time.