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Making Networking a Good Word Again

“Networking” evokes images of schmoozy glad-handing at industry functions, passing out and taking business cards with promises of keeping in touch. And for some people, it *is* that!

That style of networking isn’t invalid, but it is tough for a lot of us, especially the introverts out there.

This is a topic I’ve hit recently, but I continue to get enough questions about it that I wanted to revisit it one more time.

Why NOW Is (probably) the Right Time to Buy | How to Find a Dental Practice to Buy

Now is probably the best time to buy a practice for most of you! Most dentists wait too long and after they own, wish they’d done it sooner. The three most common concerns tend to be 1) “I don’t have the money,” 2) “It’s not the right time in my career,” and 3) “The market is too high / too low.”

Let’s look at each of these.