A Brand-new Tool to Help You Find a Dental Practice to Buy

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“Where are all the good practices to buy?”

“How do I find a practice?”

“Will you find a practice for me?”

Of all the questions I get from dentists, the ones around finding a practice to buy are the most common by far. Second place isn’t even that close, honestly.

I can’t find a practice for you, unfortunately. But I’ve been looking for ways that I can be a little more helpful in this regard. So today I’m debuting a new feature at Dental Buyer Advocates that will put a few good practices in front of you to consider.

You’ve heard me talk about the “80/20 rule” before, which is my rule for how to go about searching for a dental practice to buy. You should spend 80% of your time building your network with other dentists, especially gray-haired ones. The other 20% of your time can be spent talking to brokers or perusing their listings.

I talk a lot about the “80” part of that. But let’s not neglect the “20” either!

Every month I’ll put together a list of 20 practices that are worth taking a look at, with a few highlights for each, including location, collections, notable features, and the selling broker.

Please note: I haven’t assessed these practices individually, so I can’t speak to their specific quality. However, I’m featuring practices from brokers I know and trust, so I have a high degree of confidence in what they’re putting out there.

Just visit this page, fill in a bit of info, and you’ll be signed up to access the monthly PDF.

Get the monthly PDF in your inbox

This month’s PDF highlights practices across the country, from Illinois to Oregon to Texas (and more). Have a look and see if something catches your eye! If you want to reach out for more info from the broker, just be sure you read up on my blog post about how to approach brokers as a buyer.

I only ask one thing in return! If you think this is a valuable resource, please forward this email to someone in your network. Maybe another dentist looking to buy a practice, or someone who might know someone who is. I’ve always wanted this newsletter to be helpful first and foremost, and I think this new monthly resource will go a long way.