Making Networking a Good Word Again

Let’s just get this word out there: NETWORKING.

Is it technically a bad word? No, but you can be forgiven for thinking of it that way.

“Networking” evokes images of schmoozy glad-handing at industry functions, passing out and taking business cards with promises of keeping in touch. And for some people, it *is* that!

That style of networking isn’t invalid, but it is tough for a lot of us, especially the introverts out there.

This is a topic I’ve hit recently, but I continue to get enough questions about it that I wanted to revisit it one more time.

Step one is to build a spreadsheet for contacts you’ll make. Here’s exactly what that would look like.

Step two is to reach out to other dentists. How will you do that? Mailers.

Here’s what I said about mailers in a recent blog post:

Here are my three rules for crafting an effective mailer:

Be Sincere

Don’t say anything you don’t mean. “I’ve always loved the Milwaukee area and I’m excited to one day own my own practice there.” It’s a great line…if it’s true. If it’s not, they’ll figure it out in short order and you’ll be on no one’s short list as a potential buyer.

Be Specific

Let them know what exactly you’re looking for. A three-op practice? Four? Do you want to specialize in cosmetics? Managing patient anxiety? If your mailer recipients know what you want, it will be easier for them to help match you with a potential seller.

Be Personal

You don’t need to divulge your whole life story, but just giving them your first and last name ain’t gonna cut it. Let them see you as a person, not just a buyer. Are you married with kids? Do you want to buy in Denver because of the amazing craft beer culture, or in Phoenix because you love Spring Training baseball? Let them know a bit about you!

As the responses come in, you’re adding those names to your spreadsheet, building a network that will not only help you find a practice to buy, but potentially help you run that practice when you own it—those dentists in your network will be a great source of experience and wisdom!

If you want to drill down into specifics, with language and examples that you can use for your own mailers, then check out the new mini course. You can find it here, and I’ve even activated 5 more coupons for $50 off, making it just $99.

Enjoy the course, and let me know how your spreadsheet is coming!