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Grow Your Grapevine | Networking with accountants, attorneys, and equipment reps

You know the song “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”? (Of course you do.) If you remember high school (or any high school TV drama), you know that the grapevine can be a bad thing. However, sometimes the grapevine can be used to your advantage…the dental grapevine that is. Equipment reps are in and out […]

How To Create Your Mailer | Finding a Dental Practice to Buy

We’ve talked about two different types of mailers you can utilize on your quest. One focuses on quantity while the other focuses more on personalization. Though there are multiple differences, the theory of what to include is applicable to both. I obviously really like to use dating analogies because that’s really what searching for the […]

[Video] The Right Way to Approach a Seller

You are now a master of the 80/20 rule. You now know the importance (the why) of building your network instead of relying on a broker. You understand the principle but now you are likely curious how to put it into practice. How do you approach a seller directly? Let’s first talk about the when. The […]

3 advantages (and one disadvantage) private buyers have over DSOs

Pessimism sells. First it was in newspapers, then 24/7 TV news, and now it’s in social media. Whatever the era, depressing news gets attention and clicks. In the dental industry, this pessimism often takes the form of dentists’ fear of dental support organizations (DSOs). The feeling is that DSOs are crowding out private owners and buyers. […]

How to Know if You’re REALLY Excited to Buy that Practice

Years ago a friend of mine, Stacey, talked to me about a dilemma any graduate-level student will be familiar with. Her lifelong academic and career pursuit was to be an attorney. She began applying to law schools around the country and was given multiple acceptance offers, but now she had to decide between them. Each […]

5 Red Flags When Searching For a Practice to Buy

Tom was once a client of mine, and he was, in many ways, a dream client. At the very least, he was very determined to get into ownership. In the first few months of our time together, Tom must have brought me ten potential practices to purchase. Not one of them was worth buying. And it only […]