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This is what you should include in mailers when looking for practices to buy.

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Q: What do I include in my mailer?

A: Make sure you include the three (well… technically four) S’s in your mailers: Specificity. Seller’s Shoes. Sincerity.

When you send your mailers out, be specific. Do you want a minimum of 4 operatories? Tell them that. Do you want a practice that’s focused on cosmetics (after patient care of course)? Say it. 

After specificity, put yourself in the seller’s shoes. No matter what approach you’re focusing on (i.e. sending thousands of mass mailers, or a more targeted approach), think about what you would like to see if you were selling your practice.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of what that may be, imagine yourself 30 years from now when you’re looking to sell. You’ll likely want someone who sees the work you’ve put in and the value you’ve brought to your community. Point that out to the seller.

Thirdly… sincerity. Regardless of which route you choose in your mailers, don’t be afraid to not appeal to everyone. You can’t please every seller on your list. Whether you’re sending out flyers or gift baskets,  focus on being authentic and it will resonate with the right sellers. 

Whether you’re going to send 50 flyers with your photo and a little blurb or a cellophane gift basket of local goodies, you are still reaching out to the seller. You’re utilizing your searching time more effectively and efficiently than most other doctors just browsing the web looking for practices. Keep your focus on spending 80% of your searching time on connecting with dentists.

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