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Five Steps to Ditch the Fear and Find Your Perfect Practice Today

Take a second and imagine two unique dentists in the same corporate associate job.  They both want to leave their corporate dentistry jobs and buy their dream practice. Both are scared to pull the trigger because they like the benefits their salaries provide, they hear finding a practice is hard, and…aren’t DSOs buying all the […]

3 Commonly Missed Factors You Can IGNORE When Comparing Two Dental Practice Loans

(This is part 4 and the last in a series of posts on how to compare dental practice loans. Read Part 1 “How to Compare Rates on Practice Loans” Read Part 2 “How to Compare Fees on Practice Loans” Read Part 3 “How to Compare Process on Practice Loans”) When comparing dental practice loans three […]

What’s Your Excuse for Not Buying a Dental Practice Yet?

What’s your excuse for not buying a dental practice yet? Many dentists are waiting longer and longer to buy a dental practice. They have noble, sensible-sounding excuses. You shouldn’t be one of them. These distracted dentists remind me of my 10-year old daughter who I asked to clean up her room. She, naturally, didn’t want […]

How to Buy a Dental Practice AND a House at the Same Time

Can you buy a dental practice and house at the same time? This comes up a lot when buying a dental practice. Typically, the dentist is relocating to a new city, and because they’re buying a practice, feel a sense of arrival and want the same permanence at home that they feel with work. After […]

The Most Important Career Decision Dentists Make – Buying a Dental Practice

  In 2015 I worked with two clients who were eerily similar. However, one understood the impact of the most important career decision a dentist makes, and the other did not. You see, one bought a practice collecting $1.2 Million per year, and the other bought a smaller practice collecting only $675 thousand per year. […]