STEP 7: Legal Documents

Understand the legal documents that will legally transfer the business to you.

Legal Documents Photo

Your To-Do List

  • Select a Dental Attorney
  • Open Your Business Entity
  • Negotiate and Finalize Legal Documents

Do you really need an attorney when you’re buying a dental practice? Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. And every other word that means “yes.” Having an attorney during a dental practice purchase is about two things: managing risk and managing complexity. As we learned in Step 6, buying a dental practice comes with lots of potential pitfalls. An attorney will help you avoid those.

The natural follow-up question is what kind of attorney you should seek out. Do you really need to hire a dental-specific attorney? Again, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” The resources on this page will go through a few of the basics of how to choose and how to use an attorney in your practice purchase process.


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