STEP 1: Before You Buy

You’re Probably Ready Sooner Than You Think

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Your To-Do List

  • Have at least one year experience with strong production history
  • Have the required cash
  • Have a clean credit history and a score over 680

A lot of dentists say they want to own a practice, but instead of data they talk about their feelings. While understandable, it can be an expensive mistake. Instead of hard data, numbers, or statistics they say things like:

“I don’t feel ready.”

“I feel like I need to practice a little before I settle down into ownership first.”

“I feel like I need to get my student loans under control, and then I’ll be ready to own a practice.”

Feelings are important. I never want to diminish the importance of someone’s feelings. But, let me give you some perspective on what it actually takes to feel ready to own a practice. With some education and additional information, you might feel ready a lot sooner than the average dentist.

Buying a Practice is a Big Decision

Brian helps buyers like you navigate a proven process to get it right.

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