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How To Create Your Mailer | Finding a Dental Practice to Buy

We’ve talked about two different types of mailers you can utilize on your quest. One focuses on quantity while the other focuses more on personalization. Though there are multiple differences, the theory of what to include is applicable to both. I obviously really like to use dating analogies because that’s really what searching for the […]

Using Average Prices to Value a Practice is DUMB

When you’re purchasing a dental practice, don’t fall into the “average practice value” trap. This trap has to do with a number that’s both simple and helpful … right up until it isn’t. Let me explain. After analyzing over a thousand dental practice sales nationwide, I can tell you the average sales price — as […]

How Dental Practice Valuations Work

Some dentists think there is a “right” price for every dental practice on the market. They assume dental practices are like home values, where someone out there with the right formula can input some numbers into a calculator and get the “fair appraised” value for any practice available. The appraisal is therefore the gospel truth. […]

Don’t Buy the Pessimism – NOW is a Great Time to Buy a Practice

If you’ve ever caught yourself worried about a negative headline as it relates to your career prospects in dentistry, let me explain what’s happening. Perhaps this will help a bit. Not a day goes by without reading about the upcoming disaster in private practice dentistry. Usually the implication is that private practice ownership is going […]

Letters to Patients 101 (Don’t Let Your Seller Send this BAD Letter)

When buying a dental practice, one final piece of the transition a seller is involved in is sending an announcement letter to patients. The message is pretty simple: “Hey! There’s a new dentist at your office!” And…these letters are usually pretty bad. Often really, really bad. Why? There is a fundamental misunderstanding about what the […]

One Stupid Reason Some Sellers Don’t Sell the A/R

I was talking to a broker recently and learned something so mind-blowingly stupid that I was literally speechless. You should know about it, too, in case it comes up in a transition you’re involved in. In almost every dental transition the decision of whether or not to purchase the accounts receivable (or “A/R” – the […]

Business Insurances You WILL Need After You Buy Your Practice (and 2 you MIGHT need)

In this article, I’m going to talk about business insurance – not personal stuff like life and disability. (I shared thoughts on life and disability insurance in separate posts you can read here and here). The bottom line with insurance: as a business owner you’re going to feel like you have insurance coming out of […]