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Learn the Recipe to Find a Practice for Sale

Want to learn how to find a practice to buy? Learning certain things is easy.  My son has been learning how to make a secret pressure plate alarm for his bedroom using electronic equipment. Step on the oh-so-sneaky cardboard right outside his bedroom door and an LED light alerts him to possible intruders of the […]

Exactly What to SAY to Sellers to Find a Practice to Buy

Hi there, Brian here.  Quick question for you. Would you be interested in paying me multiple thousands of dollars to work together?  I promise that I’ll do some good work for you.  No?  Too awkward? Too forward? No context? I thought so.  Then why do I ask? Because too many of you are doing the […]

Forget Buying the $2.5M Practice, Look at the $950k One Instead

I’m tired. Like, really tired. And I’m tired of being tired. Up at 5 in the morning? Doing it! Daily workouts? Yep. Meal-prepping? On it. Build a business, start a podcast, dominate Facebook and DentalTown? Yeah, I’ve done all that too. You know what I don’t understand? How come nobody ever talks about rest in the dental […]

Does Your Transition Attorney HAVE to Be “Dental Only?”

I had a client ask my opinion on using their local attorney who does a lot of business transactions and has helped with several dental deals in the past compared to a traditional ‘dental-only’ attorney.  Is it ALWAYS the best idea to use a dental-only attorney when buying a dental practice? It’s a really good […]

How Bank Pre-Approvals Work When Buying a Dental Practice

Listen. You’re going to buy an awesome practice when the time comes, right?  The problem is if the practice is awesome…you’re probably not the only interested buyer. Awesome practices are typically being looked at by more buyers than just little old you.  You’ll have some competition.  You need to stand out. And one way to […]

The REAL Reason Dental Practice Prices are Going Up

The average price buyers are paying for dental practices is going up. My research shows the 15-year nationwide average for general dental practices is hovering slightly above 76%, with many major metro areas consistently selling high-producing, high-profit-margin practices for 90%+ of prior year collections.  The reactions are predictable. Dental practice sellers: “Yay! We’re going to […]

Practice Purchased Podcast 1-1 – The 5 Things You Need to Buy a Dental Practice

Welcome to the first episode of Season 1 of Practice Purchased – the podcast that takes you through the entire process of buying a dental practice start to finish. All in 20 episodes. Each 20 minutes or less. Why? I love podcasts, but I don’t need an hour for each one. I don’t need an […]

How Due Diligence Works in Dental Transitions

Buying a dental practice is almost certainly one of the two largest purchases you’ll ever make in your life.  The other big purchase is likely to be your house.  When you buy a house, there’s a whole defined process to make sure what you’re buying is what a seller tells you it is.  Title companies. […]

Be a Due Diligence Ninja and Pay Attention to These 4 Things When Buying a Dental Practice

Getting due diligence right is an important step in buying a dental practice. A lot of buyers get really nervous with due diligence as the full weight of what they’re doing really starts to sink in.  “Wait…so I’m going to pay a million dollars for…what’s this?…wallpaper from 1970?” I’ve talked elsewhere about the best time […]