How to Analyze a Dental Practice for Sale – The Qualitative Factors

Have you ever had a friend who wanted so badly to be in a relationship they talked themselves into being with someone who was a horrible match for them? I had a roommate in college who wanted to be married so badly that he talked himself into relationships that were obviously a poor fit. Being […]

What a Letter of Intent Should Include When Buying a Dental Practice

When buying a dental practice, one of the most important documents in the process is the Letter of Intent (or LOI, for short). The letter of intent is the legally non-binding document that contains all the elements of the practice transition that you have negotiated with the seller. The letter of intent saves you money […]

Why You Should Buy a Dental Practice Before Your Student Loans are Paid Off

“I am really interested in owning my own dental practice, but I think I need to pay down my student loans before I buy one.” said nearly every dental student and resident that I’ve talked with across the country. It’s a common response I get when talking with students. But it’s not a wise one. […]