How to Analyze a Dental Practice for Sale – The Quantitative Factors

How to Analyze a Dental Practice for Sale – The Quantitative Factors You can look at seven numbers to get a sense of whether a practice you’re considering buying is worth your time. I’ll outline exactly what to look for in a practice you’re considering purchasing. Key Number #1 – Collections – The foundation of […]

The Most Important Career Decision Dentists Make – Buying a Dental Practice

  In 2015 I worked with two clients who were eerily similar. However, one understood the impact of the most important career decision a dentist makes, and the other did not. You see, one bought a practice collecting $1.2 Million per year, and the other bought a smaller practice collecting only $675 thousand per year. […]

4 Common Dental Practice Transition Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We’ve worked with a lot of clients to help them successfully transition to dental practice ownership. We’re proud of our track record with our clients, and the results of the good work we’ve done to ensure that both the buyer and seller are happy with the transition. We’ve seen, from time to time, a few […]

Buying a Dental Practice – What to Do After Signing the Letter of Intent

When buying a dental practice, how do you know what to do after signing the letter of intent? Almost always, there is a period of time between when you’ve negotiated the letter of intent and when you walk through the front doors of your new practice, keys in hand, as the brand new owner. Picture […]

4 Things Your Attorney Should Do for You When Buying a Dental Practice

When buying a dental practice, one of the most important members of your purchasing team should be your lawyer or attorney. A good attorney that understands how to buy a dental practice can literally save you hundreds of hours of stress and hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a dentist, you know the value of specialization. […]

5 Reasons a New Dentist Should Buy Term, and Not Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is a crucial topic for new dentists to get right. After such an enormous investment of time, money, energy and effort in school, should the unthinkable happen you want your family and/or loved ones to be taken care of. (You? Peacefully in your sleep, of course. Me? Wingsuit skydiving, probably!) You want to […]