Negotiating a Dental Practice Purchase – Don’t Be THAT Buyer

What are your expectations when negotiating a dental practice purchase? Most buyers correctly assume that the elements of the deal are negotiable. They understand they’re not required to simply accept everything a broker or seller requests. It’s what a buyer does next with that correct assumption that can potentially get him in trouble. At least […]

Why One-Time Actions Turn Dental Practice Owners into Successes

The best dental practice owners harness the power of habits to make their success nearly inevitable. Some of the best habits are one-time actions that only require effort once and then become an automated success system yielding results over and over. Preventing embezzlement is a perfect example. Embezzlement is a consistent pain point for dental […]

How to Analyze a Dental Practice for Sale – The Quantitative Factors

How to Analyze a Dental Practice for Sale – The Quantitative Factors You can look at seven numbers to get a sense of whether a practice you’re considering buying is worth your time. I’ll outline exactly what to look for in a practice you’re considering purchasing. Key Number #1 – Collections – The foundation of […]

The Most Important Career Decision Dentists Make – Buying a Dental Practice

  In 2015 I worked with two clients who were eerily similar. However, one understood the impact of the most important career decision a dentist makes, and the other did not. You see, one bought a practice collecting $1.2 Million per year, and the other bought a smaller practice collecting only $675 thousand per year. […]

4 Common Dental Practice Transition Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We’ve worked with a lot of clients to help them successfully transition to dental practice ownership. We’re proud of our track record with our clients, and the results of the good work we’ve done to ensure that both the buyer and seller are happy with the transition. We’ve seen, from time to time, a few […]