How the Asset Allocation Works When Buying a Dental Practice

  How the Asset Allocation Works When Buying a Dental Practice One area where significant dollars can change hands when buying a dental practice is the asset allocation, or tax treatment, of the total purchase price. You don’t need to become a tax expert, but a little knowledge here can go a long way toward […]

5 Things You Need to Have to Be Ready to Own a Dental Practice

  I recently spoke to a group of about 50 residents at one of the top dental schools in the country. At one point, I asked them who was ready to own a dental practice within a year of finishing residency. About 10% of the hands went up. I was surprised. So I asked the […]

Dental Transition Gold – The Inactive Patient Marketing Plan

  There is one method of patient marketing that is consistently effective for new practice owners. New dentists who use the technique explained below typically see patient appointments increase anywhere from 100-350 in a few months, depending on practice size. The method is laid out below, but first a little marketing background… One marketing rule […]

4 Steps to Be Rich Faster than the Rest of Your Dental School Class

  Over the course of my career working with dentists, one theme comes up again and again, especially among younger dentists still dealing with student loans. Anxiety. Dentists are worried about their financial futures. After talking with hundreds of dentists on this subject, I’ve come up with a strategy I want to share with you. […]

Insurance Credentialing When Buying a Dental Practice

  One of the most common areas of stress when buying a dental practice is insurance credentialing. As if making one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make wasn’t stressful enough, throw in all the unknowns about insurance credentialing and stress is a near certainty. The basic process is pretty straightforward at first glance: have […]

What’s Your Excuse for Not Buying a Dental Practice Yet?

What’s your excuse for not buying a dental practice yet? Many dentists are waiting longer and longer to buy a dental practice. They have noble, sensible-sounding excuses. You shouldn’t be one of them. These distracted dentists remind me of my 10-year old daughter who I asked to clean up her room. She, naturally, didn’t want […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Flat-fee Attorney when Buying a Dental Practice

The vast majority of dentists buying a dental practice should choose a flat-fee attorney. I’ll lay out the pros and cons of both approaches below and you can decide for yourself. #1 – You’ll Be Happier Knowing Your Costs Upfront The main reason I recommend a flat rate attorney is buyers are happier knowing their […]

How to Buy a Dental Practice AND a House at the Same Time

Can you buy a dental practice and house at the same time? This comes up a lot when buying a dental practice. Typically, the dentist is relocating to a new city, and because they’re buying a practice, feel a sense of arrival and want the same permanence at home that they feel with work. After […]