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Overcome common obstacles with the right tools and find a practice that you are excited about.

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What To Expect

Finding a practice for sale is usually the most time-consuming and frustrating part of buying a practice. Hoping that the perfect practice will fall into your lap is not a great strategy. But with dedication and the right techniques, you can position yourself to buy a practice that will give you a long career of stable, lasting income. Use the resources on this page to find out the best way to talk to brokers and use them in your search, and how to build a network of other dentists that will have sellers, who know you want to buy, coming to you first.

Your To-Do List:

  • Know your Perfect Practice Profile
  • Build a Network of Dental Professionals
  • Find a Practice You May Want to Buy

Buying a practice is a big decision

Brian Helps Buyers Like You Navigate A Proven Process To Get It Right

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Watch this 15-minute video to understand exactly what to do and say to Brokers and how to find off-market practices for sale.