Step 5:
Bank Financing

Once your letter of intent is accepted, it’s time to secure financing from a bank.

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What To Expect

As it seems to often be the case, dealing with banks is one of the more arcane and difficult parts of the practice purchase process. Navigating documentation requirements, deciphering the language and formatting of loan offers, knowing which banks to talk to, deciding how many banks to approach, it all gets to be a lot to handle. Heck, I have an MBA in finance from a top 5 program and I still find this stuff to be painful.

Luckily there are some ground rules to follow as you start the process of securing a loan for your dental practice. In the resources on this page, I go over the basics of dealing with banks and securing the best loan you can. Ultimately, it pays to have a professional in your corner here, so don’t hesitate to reach out on my contact page if you have any questions about the process.

Your To-Do List:

  • Start the Application Process with Selected Banks
  • Negotiate and Select the Best Loan Offer

Buying a practice is a big decision

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